Welcome to the CICS2PDF Sample Application

CICS2PDF is native CICS software to create and deliver real-time PDF output from any CICS application. Content can be entered online, retrieved from a database, or created within the business logic of the application.

In this demonstration of CICS2PDF, you are viewing an HTML front-ended CICS screen where data is entered in select fields below, passed to CICS2PDF with instructions for applying a form overlay (invoice) and specific invoiced items, and CICS2PDF creates and returns a PDF invoice to the application (don't worry - it's not a real invoice) - which is returned to the web browser using CICS Web Support and also (optionally) attached and sent via email. While this sample uses a web interface, CICS2PDF can be invoked from a traditional 'green screen' application.

Some features to note:

IF you enter a VALID POSTAL ADDRESS below - it creates a shipping address link to a MapQuest map. Just click the PDF's 'Shipping Address' box.

IF you enter a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS (optional) - receive a copy of the PDF via email!

CLICK ON the PDF paper clip icon inside the PDF - shows the parameters used to create the PDF.

For more information about CICS2PDF, send an email to info@casisoft.com or call Ed Hollshwandner at 925-287-8682

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